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Are you an Author? We offer a straightforward Self Publishing service


    When we receive your initial enquiry we’ll provide an approximate costing based on your specification, the page count, how you want your book to look and so on and the number of copies you want.  As a community organization, our minimum viable run is 50 books.  We will type set your manuscript to your specification in terms of the overall size of your book, depending on subject, content and so on.  You can choose an appropriate font style and size, how paragraphs, chapters are set.   We also offer an editing service if you feel a bit unsure over spelling, grammar and so on!  We can help you create a cover either using your own artwork or by helping you find and choose the image(s), colours, and the style you feel reflects what your book is about and will appeal to your market.

    Once this is complete you’ll receive a loose leaf proof copy of your book and a paper version of your cover.  You will need to read this very carefully, marking clearly any changes, corrections and additions to your manuscript or your cover.  We stress, it will be your book and we’ll be happy to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

    When you’re perfectly happy with the final proof copy we’ll print, perfect bind, trim and finish your books to our professional standard.  We are a friendly, local service so you are welcome to come and see us at 7 Pinewood Place, Knottingley WF11 0QH (01977 678371) so you can see examples of our publications for yourself.

    Your finished publication will be stored on our digital system, only so that we can easily produce more copies, should you need some in the future, provided there are no major changes.

    As a community organization we cannot directly market or sell books we produce, however we can show and describe new publications on our website to publicise our own service.